General Information

Cell Phones: The Woodford County Schools policy will be enforced at WCHS with the following exceptions:

  1. Students shall be permitted to possess Cell Phones and Personal Electronic Devices while in the building as long as the device is turned off and out of sight.
  2. Students may use Cell Phones and PEDs before school. At 8:30, all devices shall be turned off and placed out of sight.
  3. Students may use Cell Phones and PEDs in the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period. Students may NOT drop into the cafeteria and use their PEDs.
  4. Students are not to use Cell Phones and PEDs in the classroom during the school day (8:30-3:30). Teachers will not give permission for student use of these devices during the school day.
  5. Principal/Designee may approve student use of Cell Phones and PEDs in special situations with permission. Please refer to the Student Handbook for the discipline of improper use of Cell Phones and PEDs.

Driver's Permit Form: All permit forms need to be signed and turned in to the office at least 3 days before taking the test. Parents need to fill out the top section of the form. Once we have completed the form, students need to come back to the office to ask if the form is ready or we call them down to get it.

2023-2024 Arrival and Dismissal:

When you first arrive at school, you must choose three different places to go: Cafeteria for breakfast, Gym, or Library to read/do homework. You must be in your seat in your first block by 8:30am when the bell rings. The dismissal bell rings at 3:30pm. On Early Release Day, students are released at 1:30pm.

  • 1st Block: 8:30-9:50
  • 2nd Block: 9:56-11:12
  • Advisory/HIVE TIME: 11:18-12:03
  • 3rd Block: 12:09-2:08

    A Lunch 12:09-12:35 B Lunch 12:40-1:06 C Lunch 1:11-1:37 D Lunch 1:42-2:08

  • 4th Block: 2:14-3:30

Student Fees and Chromebook Insurance:

Student Fees: A Student Fee is due at the beginning of each school year. The fee for one student is $60. The fee for two family siblings (if in the middle school or high school) is $50 each and the fee for three or more family siblings is $40 each.

Device Take Home Fee: An take home fee of $15 is due from each student who wishes to take their school-issued device home.

About EHO

Enhanced Education Opportunity (EHO) Is a form to request an absence to attend or participate in an educational activity. The EHO form needs to filled out by the parents stating the dates and where their child will be during the period of absence. The form must be submitted five (5) days prior to the event for consideration of approval. The principal will then approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the request. If the EHO is conditionally approved, students must submit official proof of attendance within 5 school days AFTER the educational activity is completed. Final approval will be recorded only after the OFFICIAL proof of the attendance is received. This documented proof should be obtained on the date of the absence event and not prior to the absence. College visits: Students visiting a college DO NOT need to fill out an EHO form. On the day of the college visit, students should ask for an “official excuse” on letterhead that has the date of the visit and the student’s name, along with an official signature. This official proof of attendance should be submitted within 5 school days of returning to school.

*"Events that are not within the standards for approval of EHO days would include funerals, family vacations, sports events, community events and religious events because these are events that are not part of an intensive instructional program." - KDE Pupil Attendance Manual