Welcome to Woodford County High School!
HOSA at UK Field Trip!

TAKING THE  PERMIT TEST? You must take a completed permit application form with you to the test.  The form is in the main office. Parents sign the top block, bring it back to the school where we check grades/attendance from the last completed semester. We stamp with official stamp, principals sign the form and we hand it back to you to sign up for your permit test. Don't forget to ask for an EXCUSE NOTE!

Parents, if your student plans to attend any school field trips this year and will need to take medication while on the field trip, please keep in mind that there is specific paperwork that must be turned in to the school nurse prior to the field trip. Please contact me by email if you need more information.  Michelle Hinman RN District Health Coordinator Michelle.hinman@woodford.kyschools.us

ATTENTION PARENTS of 16 year year old students:

Please remember any 11th grader/16 year old is required to have an updated immunization record on file for a 2nd dose of meningococcal vaccine. If you have not already, PLEASE send in an updated record to me via email or fax. You can also drop them off in the front office if that is easier. FAX: 859-873-7731 THANK YOU!!!

Woodford County High School Nurse

Parents and Guardians, you can now pay your student's fees online. Look for the Fees tab in your parent account on Infinite Campus. Each student will have a $15 Chromebook Insurance Fee and a Student Fee. The student fee is $60 for one student, $50 each for two students (middle and/or high school) and $40 each for three or more students (middle and/or high school). You may have other fees due on your account and we ask you to take care of those as well at this time. We ask that you review the fees before you pay. If you believe your fees are incorrect, please email <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<cbfees@woodford.kyschools.us.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>